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FACNOR Furler Gennaker & Code 0

FACNOR Furler Gennaker & Code 0

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Furler FX FACNOR Clipper Voiles
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FACNOR Furler Gennaker & Code 0

Technology of Furler Gennaker & Code 0:

The widely installed FX+ and FXT range enables Gennaker and Code 0 sails to be hoisted easily, quickly and safely. Removable furling line and quick fastenings give an even greater ease of use.

The neat design gives lightness to the high resistance mechanisms: the FX furlers let you benefit from the race developed technology for a more comfortable cruising.


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This is advantageous in both heavy and light air. Either racing or cruising, the gennaker furler is the perfect complement to the Jib furler.

Because asymmetric spinnaker cloth is both light and fragile, the anti-twist cable has a tendency to damage it.

Also, the cable spins faster than the sail during furling which means the latter sometimes jams.

Profurl solution: Sail Bearing Technology comprises high-density spheres that spin freely around the anti-twist cable in order to protect the sail from the cable.




FXT Gennaker and Code Zero Furler :

- Quickly installed and removed after use.

- The FXT is fitted with steel bearings protected by waterproof joints (maintenance free)

- Good technical and economical alternative solution for users who prefer a discontinuous furling line.


The Gennaker continuous line Furler FX+


The Gennaker are made of one swivel and one flat continous line drum (maximum luff and no overlapping round the drum)). The large diameter gives more furling power.

It is half the weight of a standard Gennaker furler.


Staysail on a FX+ Furler:


 A Staysail can be fitted on a FX+ furler so that a stormsail can be used according to the weather conditions. In this configuration, we recommend to install a 2-to-1 block (halyard better tighten and less tension in the mast).





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FACNOR Furler Gennaker & Code 0

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