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» » » Jib furling PROFURL C480 forestay 14 mm

Jib furling PROFURL C480 forestay 14 mm

Reference -C480/18/20/22
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Jib furling PROFURL C480 forestay 14 mm

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Jib furling PROFURL C480 forestay 14 mm

PROFURL C480 for 14 mm Foretsay


Reliability, robustness and longevity ... the Profurl Cruise range reels are intended for coastal cruising, offshore cruising or even world tour programs.

Designed to last, Cruising furlers adopt the best of Profurl technology and are there to guarantee you the pleasure of sailing and safety.

  • No maintenance: the ball bearings are mounted in a sealed grease bath
  • Reliability: The drums are made of rigid plastic, the bearings are made of 100 C6 carbon steel, the shackles are forged Wichard shackles.
  • Ease of use: Profurl furlers have accessories (standard or not) to facilitate maneuvers such as the rope guide (standard), the Wichard opening rope guide or the swivel attachment system which replaces the shackles and facilitates the quick attachment of the sail.
  • Different mounting possibilities: depending on the deck configuration or your needs, manual reels are mounted either flush with the deck, or with long slats or under deck.


  • prefeeder: standard

  • Swivelling attachment device: optional

  • Long link plates: optional

  • Stainless steel locking devices: standard

  • Turnbuckle cylinder: optional

  • Reefing kit: optional

(25 m or 30 m of dia 10 rope + 1 stanchion block ref Wichard 60125 + 4 stanchion blocks ref Wichard 60025)


AVAILABLE IN 3 STAY LENGTHS:     L1 = 18 m    L2 = 20 m    L3 = 22 m  

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Jib furling PROFURL C480 forestay 14 mm

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