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Mainsail Half-batten TRI RADIAL

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Mainsail Half-batten Tri Radial - MADE IN FRANCE -

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Mainsail Half-batten in DCX

Semi-battened Main Sail Radial Sort:



Ideal for boaters looking for a good compromise between performance and durability.

The batten, semi long, allow a good control of the leech and prevents its fastening.

The fibers of the fabric being oriented in the direction of the dominant force.

Several fabrics can be used for a large semi-battened sail in tri-radial section:


- DCX (Dimension-Polyant) laminated Polyester

- Flex Ultra Pe (Dimension-Polyant) Pentex laminate for horizontal cuts



The highlights of a Tri-Radial Semi-battened Main sail:


- Price / performance / pleasure ratio, unbeatable with our selection (DCX or Pro Warp Tech)

- Very good behavior of the profile over time (distribution of forces thanks to the orientation of the


- French manufacture in our workshop



Technical description:


Drawing on CAD software and cutting of widths by digital machine in our workshop.

Use of different weights depending on the area

Width assembly: 1 zig-zag seam 6 times in white (or gray with the choice) anti-UV.

Zone assembly: 2 or 3 zig-zag seams 6 times

Star reinforcements.

Reinforcement strips placed on the luff to avoid deformations due to the large forces on this part of the sail.

headboard Alu 3 pods

1st horizontal batten horizontal and 3 batten floating perpendicular to the leech.

Their gussets are independent and attached to the sail.

The end of gussets are made of Spectra and their settings are ensured by Velcro straps

2 reefs with strips of bracelets connecting the 2 points to avoid deformations, the fabric working in the bias.

Rings strapped to tacks for easy fastening.

Leech line with exit at each reef.

Stainless steel eyelet Rutgerson.

Free Foot

Visualization bands and pennons. Finishing Spectra

Supplied in a bag.





- DCX (Dimension-Polyant) gray color

- Pro Warp Tech (CONTENDER) woven for radial cutss

- 3 rd Reef

- Pre-fitting for Auto and Semi Auto

- Specific friction rings for main sail (see photo)

- Return of the leech line on the luff

- Mainsail cover

- Lazy Bag

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Mainsail Half-batten in DCX

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