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Technology of Gennaker:


Gennaker for cruising boats.

Tri-radial Gennaker in Polyester Stormlite® Contender.

Assembly by white sewings UV protection with 6 zig-zag points.


Advantage of the Gennaker:


- Gennaker develops maximum power when the apparent wind is between 100 and 140 degrees.

- Distribution of deformations thanks to the orientation of the laminate

- Longer durability thanks to the lack of bending

- Ability to optimize the shape into a spinnaker running or abeam


Reinforcement radiating out from a starboard clew.
Tack webbing bands.

Structural or anti-torsion luff cable.

Rings secured with webbing.

It is easy to recognise the different attachment points on your Gennaker: we always use the same colour code.
    Port sheet: red
    Starboard sheet: green
    Foot: white

Gennaker luff: black


Sold in vertical bag.


Choose your genoa furler



Options for your Gennaker:


Your Gennaker bags which have evolved to meet your needs.

More colors available.


Possibility of installing a UV -band light polyester .

Colour white.




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