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Mainsails Furlers

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Mainsails Furlers

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Mainsails Furlers


Technology of Mainsail Furlers:


The FACNOR Mainsail reefing system allows you to sail in complete comfort and total security.

Once back in a harbor, no more folding or flaking the mainsail.

Again in one simple move your mainsail can be furled and unfurled.

Your yacht will always be prepared to leave its berth, sails ready.


The COMPACT F  continues the philosophy which has made FACNOR one the world leaders in the design and manufacture of furling systems : simplicity - reliability - innovation.

The furled mainsail is contained in a housing section fixed to the mast.

The great reliability of the system comes from the furling mechanism itself which is a unique line drive positioned just above the goose-neck.


Clipper Voiles offers several furling manufacturers for your boat:


FACNOR : a 35 year-experienced manufactured of jib furlers. 


Facnor benefits:


- A full range of furlers

- A furling forestay bullet diameter

- Various mounting options

- No maintenance: turnover sealed in grease bath

- Insulation and choice of materials against corrosion

- Optimal Relief Duct = speed gain

- A manufacturer's warranty


Options and accessories:

  • Boom kits for your boat
  • Carter and winding tube
  • Anodized aluminum decks for furling
  • Cursor swivel
  • Circular rotation control toothed pulley aluminum
  • Parts for older models ...
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Mainsails Furlers

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