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Storm sail in CROSS CUT - MADE IN FRANCE -

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Storm sail in CROSS CUT.

Storm sail cross cut:


Economical type of construction for boaters looking for a good compromise between price and solidity.

We have selected the CONTENDER AP for its Polypreg finish ensuring a very good longevity to the fabric.



The highlights of a Cross Cut Storm Sail:


- The price

- Good profile in time and under strong weather conditions

- Sailing of the sail allowing a good yield to the near in the wind

- Reduction of the sail by the reefing (optional)



Technical description:


Drawing on CAD software and cutting of widths by digital machine in our workshop.

Width assembly: 2 zig-zag seams 6 times in white (or gray with the choice) anti-UV.

Star reinforcements.

Reinforcement strip on the leech, foot and luff to avoid deformations

Carabiners Wichard Automatic.

Leech line

Reinforced headrest strap

Rutgerson stainless steel eyelet at clew and tack point

Visualization bands and pennons.

Finishing Spectra


Delivered in "large" bag




- Several colors (Tan, Créme alt air ........) rather intended for the units "classical"

- 1 strip of reefs

- Wichard Automatic jib stainless steel

- Swedish brass Piston Hanks

- Customized deck bag


- Fabric CONTENDER Fibercon® Pro Vectran:

This fabric combines the high-quality characteristics of Fibercon® yarns with the exceptional stretch resistance and flexibility of adding Vectran yarns.

We recommend a firm Polypreg finish for our Fibercon® Pro Vectran fabric.

The Polypreg finish is optimized for the greater diagonal stability required for performance sails.

There is an extra cost, but you will feel the difference .......



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Storm sail in CROSS CUT.

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