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T-TOP is a French company that designs and manufactures custom fabrics and covers for sailing or motor pleasure boats, catamarans or trimarans.

Their products are intended to protect against the inconveniences and damage of the sun, wind, rain, spray and pollution:

biminis, dodgers, coachroofs, convertibles, rear closures, cockpit, bay, sun awnings, rain tents, ceiling canvases, exterior curtains, helm, console, cabin, wintering, furniture covers (table, bench ...), etc.

They meet the needs and expectations of boat owners:

- They improve passenger comfort, for safe navigation.

- They preserve accessories and equipment, for greater longevity.

They are made in their workshop in Aizenay, Vendée, including the hoops, stainless steel mounting brackets made to measure and adjusted to the size of the canvas for optimal hold.

All their products are designed by experts from our design office, in partnership with the largest European shipyards and builders.

Their teams have perfect mastery of materials, materials and manufacturing techniques, cutting-edge know-how recognized on the solar and outdoor protection market.

T-TOP products are adjusted to the dimensions of the vessel and adapted to the conditions of sea and river navigation.

Subject to quality controls at all stages of production, they reconcile performance, resistance, tightness, design, aesthetics and ease of maintenance.


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