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Auric & classic sailing

Auric Sailing in Dacron®.

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Auric Sail


Technology of Auric Sail :


Auric Sail in Dacron® Contender, in CROSS CUT (cut horizontal).

Assembly by white sewings UV protection with 6 zig-zag points.


Advantage of the Auric Sail in Dacron®:


- Good value for money

- Longer durability thanks to the lack of bending

- Auric Sail in Dacron® quickly adaptable depending on weather conditions 


Traditional reinforcements star.
Leech line.

Tack webbing bands.

Outhaul block.

Drop hem leech and locking eyelets
Foot hem.
Wingspan with eyeletting and blackjacks mounted on leather.

Stainless steel eyelets on leather protection to clew, halyard and tack


Sold in bag.


Options for your Auric Sail:


Extend the life of your Auric Sail in Dacron® with a customized cover.

More colors available.


- 2 reefs bands.

- Visual band.


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Auric Sail

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