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TRILAM CLM was founded in 2005 by Pascal Rossignol, multidisciplinary engineer, after a strong experience drawn from participation in cutting-edge projects in aeronautics (Airbus), space (CNES), the military (DCN), and sailing competition (America's Cup), but also on the market of the sail loft since 1993 as a design office, designer, manufacturer of machines and consumables.

The company is devoted to the design and manufacture of innovative technical fabrics. -for The moment- she has made the strategic choice to work mainly alone boating market, developing it to its range TRILAM, most innovation is the subject of legal protection.

The very high level of quality, claimed by CLM, for its applications, has naturally led to make the choice to organize independently. Its industrial process, original and patented, has been completely made from a specific concept.

Starting synthetic fibers and industrial raw materials available in the market, CLM includes all trades and skills which are necessary:

• Bureau of Mechanical and Textile Studies
• Mechanical tests laboratory
• Formulation of adhesives and resins
• Conventional Weaving
• 2D fiber Sleeping
• Laminating / Laminating
• Plotting 2D dimension

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